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Department of Building Physics
and Building Materials

Technical University of Lodz
Al.Politechniki 6
90-924 £ód¼, Poland
Tel./Fax (4842) 6313556



  1. Anti-Deterioration Protection of Buildings
  2. Architectural and Urban Acoustics
  3. Building Acoustics
  4. Building and Installation Materials
  5. Building Materials
  6. Building Materials I
  7. Building Materials II
  8. Building Physics and Acoustics
  9. Building Physics I
  10. Building Physics II
  11. Building Renovation and Modernization of Urban Zones
  12. Building Structures Diagnostic
  13. Building Structures Diagnostic and Renovation
  14. Building Thermo-Renovation
  15. Buildings and People Hazard from Vibrations and Noise
  16. Buildings Exploitation and Technical Maintenance
  17. Civil Engineering
  18. Civil Engineering - Acoustics
  19. Computer Aided Technical Drawing
  20. Computer Assistance to Traditional Building Structures Design
  21. Computer Bases of Design
  22. Cost Estimation
  23. Design of Indoor and External Environment
  24. Energy Management in Cities and Regions
  25. Engineering Graphics
  26. Environmental Protection and Urban Acoustics
  27. Fire Safety of Building
  28. Fundamentals of Civil Engineering
  29. Fundamentals of Civil Engineering I
  30. Fundamentals of Civil Engineering II
  31. Fundamentals of Civil Engineering III
  32. Modern Materials and Finishing Technologies
  33. Principles of Energy Audyting and Energetical Certification of Buildings
  34. Problems of Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering
  35. Renewable Energy Systems in Buildings
  36. Renewable Energy Systems in Civil Engineering
  37. Safety and Durability of Building Structures
  38. Specifications of Preparation, Performing and Acceptance of Construction Works
  39. Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering
  40. Technical Drawing
  41. Technical Drawing and Freehand Drawing
  42. Technical Drawing and Freehand Drawing I
  43. Technical Drawing and Freehand Drawing II
  44. Technology of Building Materials
  45. Technology of Pavements for Transportation Engineering
  46. Timber Structures

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