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Department of Building Physics
and Building Materials

Technical University of Lodz
Al.Politechniki 6
90-924 £ód¼, Poland
Tel./Fax (4842) 6313556


The main points of interest are the thermic-humidity problems of the partitions and building materials, which are considered both theoretically and experimentally. The connected problems of thermal and mass flow in building materials and partitions as well as phase transitions on a partition surface are investigated. Moreover, the phenomena occurring in the surface layer and on the very surface of the partition, i.e. drying, absorption of low and high-temperature radiation, the influence of climatic factors on strength of external plasters is studied. The results of experimental and theoretical works are the basis for design of energy-saving laminar partitions. Research work on development and modernisation of timber constructions in civil engineering is carried out continuously. Recently, the researches have been done on joints of elements. The original mechanical joint in the shape of the doublesided spiked insert has been worked out. The problem of exploitation of traditional structures is also examined. Complex studies on masonry, wooden and mixed constructions, determination of the conditions of further exploitation are carried out. Casual expertises concerning the problems of exploitation of building materials are also taken up. In collaboration with industry the modification of building material characteristics and utilisation of waste products as the heat insulating materials are investigated. One of the main positions in this cooperation is working out of a new technology for the needs of civil engineering. Research of architectural acoustics for the needs of industry is carried out permanently. The Department is a consulting body for diagnostic of technical states of housing and civil engineering masonry as well as wooden and masonry constructions. The following laboratories are at the Department's disposal:
  • Building Physics Laboratory
  • Acoustics Laboratory
  • Concrete Technology Laboratory
  • Building Materials Laboratory
  • Building Materials Engineering Laboratory
In the Department the measuring apparatus for thermal and mass flow phase transitions, absorption of low and high-temperature radiation, vapour conden-sation on the surface as well as inner structure of building materials has been developed. Moreover, a complete standard equipment is owned by the Depart-ment The staff of the Department published about SO papers and 7 books. From 1987 a scientific and technical conference "Building Physics in Theory and Practice" is organised. The Department co-operates with The Polish Academy of Science and many others institutions in the country and abroad (Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Italy, France, Scotland).