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Department of Building Physics
and Building Materials

Technical University of Lodz
Al.Politechniki 6
90-924 £ód¼, Poland
Tel./Fax (4842) 6313556


Arkadiusz WITEK


Lecturer in the Department of Building Physics and Building Materials at the Technical University in £ód¼.


Consultation hours

Research interests and activities

  • Hygro- thermal behaviour and damage of cement composites at high temperature
  • Macro- and mesoscale modeling of hygro- thermal phenomenon in cement composites
  • Experimental research on influence of high temperature on cement composites


Lectures in Fire Safety of Building - Concrete Structures
Lectures in Building Thermo-Renovation

Selected publications

  1. WITEK A., GAWIN D., PESAVENTO F., SCHREFLER B.A., Finite Element analysis of various methods for protection of concrete structures against spalling during fire, Comp. Mech., Vol. 39, No.3, 271-292, 2007.
  2. WITEK A., GAWIN D., An experimental and numerical study on the efficiency of the polypropylene fibres admixture in reducing pore pressure in heated concrete, 2nd Central European Symposium on Building Phisics, 641-646, Viena 2013